Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I came into my room just now to see All One Length Hair Girl printing something about the animal kingdom off from Roommate's computer. Roommate was busy straightening her hair and listing off the remaining kingdoms with a dreamy expression on her face. She was preparing for a game of cards with her newest crush. I wasn't sure who he was, but he was even more perfect than the last one. I didn’t think that was possible after the perfection of the last one. But now she was busy educating.

"There's Animalia, Insectae, Bacterium, Anti-bacterium..." she listed, and then paused to think.

"Dude," I said, "Anti-bacterium isn't a kingdom."

"Yes, it is." she said, actually setting down the flat iron in stunned surprise."

"Anti-bacterium is not a kingdom. It's hand sanitizer."

I really think that there are many moments which define a person’s life. Maybe my roomie’s ditzieness isn’t one of them but it was entertaining none the less. Or maybe it is. We may not realize the impact that these slight moments have on us.

Here I am. Kite. A college freshman seperated from her parents for the first time and trying to find herself.

I'm selfish, I think about myself a lot. But don't we all? "Who am I?" seems to be the hugest question circulating my college campus. No one really asks it aloud but we're all thinking it. And I doubt it is just the campus of my small, Christian college. I would wager that it is the hugest question circulating most college campus in the Atlantic Northeast or probably across the country. However, in all of those selfish moments when I think about myself, I've rather discovered, perhaps not who I am completely, but what makes me. Not just my God-gifted personality, that came from DNA, but what defines me, uncovers that personality and smooths off the rough edges.

Commonly said on this college campus is, "my life is defined by awkward moments". Life is awkward. If yours isn't, mine is. I have very short hair and often wear boys' clothing. This prompts many lesbian jokes from Roommate. I am not a lesbian. However, the other day Roommate (standing in the hallway in a towel) dropped such a comment in front of my RA..... an awkward moment was created.

I'm smiling now.

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  1. Women can be vicious and play deep games that they don't intend to come to fruition for years. There may be some seed planting there with those jokes so be careful.