Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Oppertunity!

My beloved cousin Danny and I are transferring to the same school next year! It's for sure, set in stone and legit now! I can't wait!

The weather has been beautiful here on the east coast. The sun has been shining and it has been 90 F for the last three days. AMAZING!!!

Going back to my transferring, however, I have been confronted with yet another decision in my life. I have been asked to apply for a position as an RA in school next year. I don't know whether or not I should do so. Part of me wants to because I want to be effective and learn and help others to learn and grow and become mature. But part of me isn't sure that I'm ready or good enough to be in an authority position. Although, I will be older than most of my girls, I've still never been in that kind of position over people so close to my own age. It's an exciting prospect though. Any input?

Life is defined by exciting decisions!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have a friend who I turn to when I need to do something spontaneous. We tromp in the mud, take long drives, cuddle on her couch and read essays, compare and contrast ourselves constantly, mainly--we love to cuddle and read. We don't agree on everything, just the basics, but we love each other like sisters.

I think she is a lesbian. I am not uncomfortable with her at all but I don't know whether I should stop cuddling with her or not or if I should say anything to her potential roommate for next year.

Saturday we have a lovely day planned together. Usually our times together are simply fabulous and filled with surprises.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Single Forever

My friend is in my room now filling out an evaluation form for one of her classes. She is required to evaluate her future husband...except she has no idea who she is.

We are now making stuff up.

I find it really interesting to find out what kinds of things my friends look for in the opposite sex.

Braids Girl wants a guy who will brush her hair for hours on end.
Unconventional wants a girl who is extremely gentle and will cry in his arms when she is upset.
Roommate is looking for a guy who will give her tons of oppertunity to be submissive.
My aunt always wanted a guy who didn't want onions.
Friend Boy wants a girl who can actually tolerate him.
Almost Brother needs a girl who can keep him interested for more than ten seconds

All this makes me realize that I look for so many things in a guy. I like to be treated well and to be completely honest, lots of guys don't live up to my standards. I don't just want to be treated like a girl--I want to be treated like a princess because that's what I deserve.

Life is defined by realizing that maybe you were destined to be single forever.

(Danny--You and me are living in Colleen's attic!)