Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"So last night this girl I like who I talk to online a lot came up to me and talked to me for the first time in person and I turned purple and swallowed my gum."

These were the exact words of a dear friend of mine. The dear boy is several years younger than me, has red hair, is very artistic, but sadly--is quite awkward.

I became friends with Red Haired Kid by pure accident. Several years ago I attended a church event and spent more than half an hour talking to a girl who decided that I would be perfect to entertain her little brother for the rest of the weekend. I could keep him out of her hair while she flirted with Ping Pong Player. Before long I was engaged in conversation with this awkward sibling, and my former friend had left my presence.

At first I found myself slightly irate at this treason. I had a mild case of the hots for Ping Pong Player as well and he had told me too my face that I was cute. I was sure I had a chance with him until Red Haired Kid came along.

Sure, the conversation was engaging, despite his youth I found myself enjoying the talk of art and the mutual display of sketchbooks immensely. However, I could not help my irritation at having been so betrayed.

I look back now, engaged in my own silliness. I still see Ping Pong Player sometimes despite our different choices of college. Ping Pong Player is still hott, but also--still a Player. He still thinks I'm cute, but he probably shouldn't tell me that in front of his girlfriend for the day. However, even though I have only seen Red Haired Kid once since our initial forced meeting, he has proved to be a great friend.

The irony, that a boy who literally chokes when faced with a girl, and a girl who didn't want to be distracted by such an awkward boy could turn out as such wonderful friends.

Life is defined by irony.


  1. "Life is defined by irony."
    - Kite

    That's an incredibly profound quote, I love it! Be proud.

    Looking forward to more of your stuff. :]

  2. Friendships are oft found in the strangest places.


  3. Friendships are found where women search for them.

    Women ultimately decide it all. Guys are just along for the ride.