Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simple really.

Ugh--I seem to have lost this habit of blogging which I find frightfully unfortunate as it is something I enjoy. But, for the nagging of my dear Danny I will try to start up again.

The last few weeks have been interesting. I moved into a private room, away from Roommate who was keeping me up too late at night. I've started painting again. I helped my cousin with an industrial piercing. I skipped girls movie night to make cards. And I drew a picture of a sheep farm. But mainly I have spent time thinking and examining my life.

Some things that I have learned recently:

-Being comfortable turns to apathy.
-Credibility comes through my life, not by my performances
-Am I worthy of immitation?
-God is going to put people in my path who I must provide for. My faith alone does them no good.
-God has not given us the truth to make us comfortable. The truth should not make me comfortable.
-Hope will not leave me disappointed.
-Total honesty with myself and the rest of the world is difficult but achieving it eliminates fear of others.
-I must forget about my failures...and my successes.
-Don't get cocky. I cannot make progress if I am content where I am.

Life is defined by learning simple, important truth.


  1. Dear God,
    Open my heart.
    Open my mind.
    Give me passion.

    I've heard you pray that a million times. I love you.

  2. glad to have you back! dancing - hmmm dancing and eating - does sound quite balanced. Will try that!