Saturday, January 17, 2009

Water Problems

The water at school makes my skin painfully dry. Not matter how much sticky, unscented lotion I slather all over my body, my skin still continues to crack. No matter how much chapstick I smear on my lips, they are still freakin bleeding again! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding this highly unattractive, not that I am trying to attract anyone because, frankly, I am not. I don't even wear make-up anymore. If I really wanted to attract someone, I don't doubt that I could--but I don't--so in the end--my skin is still dry, my face is flaking of in pieces, and my lips are bleeding and I find it disgusting.

Life is definately being defined here, although I'm really not sure how.


  1. life can be defined by chapstick. I find chapstick very necessary for life and happiness in my daily life. Blistex? Softlips? Burt's Bees? Hey--maybe there's some cute boy out there with very attractive freckles and a nifty tattoo on his arm who finds dry skin appealing. Or maybe you should just rub butter all over your skin and that would make everything better. You know I love you, right? And if 1) you were a boy and 2) you were not related to me--I would marry you.

  2. you guys are related?

    try almond oil, you can get it in herbal shops. bit of a pain to put on after a shower but it'll be very good, i have very dry skin as well - it always does the trick.


  3. ahhhh i see! i was wondering why she was so familiar with you! :)
    freezing cold over here, had to go out and buy vaseline intensive care for my chapped lips adn thought of you !