Monday, December 8, 2008


My friend, Unconventional Boy, wants to take me to the viaduct.

I told Roommate this.

"Kite, you can't do that." she said.

"Why?" I asked, confused as to why she wouldn't want me to go. Did she know some dark and ugly secret about Unconventional Boy that I did not? Did he have a history of pickpocketing wallets? Was he a rapist? Did he like to throw girls off from viaducts?

"Kite," she said, turning around to face me, "Perky Girl Downstairs really really likes Unconventional Boy. She would be really upset if he took you to the viaduct.

What has this to do with me?

Should every interaction I have with others be completely sensitive to the odd person who may have feelings for them? Somehow I think not. I've never motivated like this in the past. Best Friend always has a girlfriend but that does not stop me from stealing him away from her whenever I am around. I know for a fact that Blondie really really really likes Friend Boy, however, that has not kept him from being my Friend Boy and spending large amounts of time with him because he is my friend.

Does any of this matter anyway? I sort of laugh at it all, knowing the people who I have managed to irritate just by being a friend.

I'm looking foreward to seeing the viaduct.

Sometimes life is defined by drama.


  1. I like this blog. I do have to ask though, what is a viaduct?
    And yes you're right, if she likes him well that's her problem not yours really. Did you go to the viaduct?

    Also on the kissing thing, yeah maybe not a good idea but hey, stuff happens, not the end of the world so don't feel too bad about it. (maybe I'm not the best influence)

    And yes I did dream about you! Isnt' taht odd, you and AV. I have to stop eating cheese at night...

  2. ah good, I thought a viaduct was one of those water barrages that you always see in movies so thought i'd clear my head!
    so did Perky girl downstairs throw a big wobbly?

  3. Another boy? is this the "E" one you told me about??? I wish i could meet your roommate, I'm mostly positive that I would find her endlessly entertaining. Lata, Sista!!!!

  4. oh, it's so much more than that.
    just venting, i guess.

    i really enjoy your blog:)