Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fact and Opinion

12 Facts

1. I have always wanted to be Peter Pan when I grow up.

2. I regret not taking enough dance classes.

3. I wish I could hip hop better.

4. There is no such thing as a hip hop dancing Peter Pan

5. My first kiss was nice but a little on the lame end.

6. I call my best friend Punk more often than I use his name.

7. None of my own piercings have become infected.

8. I have a strange and fabulous love of red hair.

9. Sometimes I wish I was like Peter Parker. That I could just be bitten by a mutant spider and wake up with outrageous muscles and a sense of rhythm (I’d trade the spidey powers for that).
What do you know—instant hip hop dancer!!!!

10. I haven’t stopped using my Old Spice body wash even though it’s been making my dry skin worse.

11. Corsets are viciously uncomfortable.

12. I am not indestructible, but sometimes I pretend I am.

12 Opinions

1. Boys named Peter are obviously superior.

2. Growing up is overrated, why bother?

3. My mobile phone is my sustainer of life and happiness.

4. Friend Boy is a punk for flicking my very sensitive, newly pierced ear while we’re outside in the cold.

5. It is better to smell like a clean boy than a dirty girl.

6. Popcorn is delicious.

7. Dance is the most intense fun ever.

8. Kissing someone in a parking lot at five am or in the middle of the road on an autumn afternoon is better quality kissing than in a basement at night after a round of video games and pizza.

9. Corsets are not worth the pain they inflict.

10. Best Friend should text me.

11. Doing dangerous things would be much less fun if I were indestructible.

12. The rain dance Raquel and I created is the greatest and most effective rain dance ever formulated.

Life is defined by facts and opinions.


  1. very nice I like it!
    did the ear piercing get infected though after your friend flicked it?

  2. ahhh ok, your ear is flick-proof then. :)
    thanks for posting on my blog

  3. just remembered my first kiss, it was like a cross between swimming pool and fan I remember thinking, this is very wet! I was not impressed