Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm not extreme, but I do have a feminist streak in me. I am an independent woman. I pick up my own silverware that falls on the floor, I work hard at everything I do, I don't let my friends do things for me, I open my own doors.

Best Friend (and most other guys I've been in contact with) have always given up on trying after a while. I can usually pull out the independent speech and totally have my own way.

I was challenged last night.

Walking out of the student center with a good friend, we both opened our own doors at approximately the same time. Usually this would be ignored, or the guy would say something lame like, "I'm supposed to get the door." and I would give my comeback.

But this particular friend kept on walking at my side. "You know, Kite," he said offhandedly, "My dad says that when I'm with a girl and I don't get the door for her it makes her feel like a whore. And I don't want you to feel like whore so if we're going to be friends, I get the doors."

I had no response. I didn't feel that the independent speech would really fly.

Life is defined by losing to a good competitor.


  1. ouch. sounds like a winner of a boy. haha.

  2. I have a theory that most men open doors, particularly car doors on a date, because they have an ulterior motive, sleeping with the girl. As evidence, compare the ratio of observed car door openings on first and second dates at restaurants and theatres with the rate of car door openings by men for women who have been married for ten years and are arriving at the supermarket.
    I think it is a bit harsh to think a woman would feel like a whore in relation to a door. Is the friend's dad like 130 years old, born in the Victorian era? Alan

  3. Hello sunshine! Little game for you here, hope I've done it right as I have NO CLUE about tagging etc.

    Game - pros and cons about yourself?
    I keep seeing meme's (don't know what that is so I've just called it game on my blog) on other people's blogs. You tag each other and it's so much fun. So I'm going to try one out myself! Hopefully it'll work! So here goes.

    Tell me three good things about yourself and three bad things about yourself. Post it on your own blog and tag people. So this way I will get to know your good and bad traits! :)

    1 - I'm a great listener.
    2 - I'm quite funny.
    3 - I don't judge people.

    1 - Bad temper (at times).
    2 - I don't like people touching my things....
    3 - I am easy to tease.

    I am tagging the following people:

    Hektiklyfe -

    Moments Define Life -

    Danny (with a Y can I just add :) -

    Notes of the Everyday Housewife -

    Reduce Footprints -

    Now, any others I haven't tagged is because I'm not quite sure whether you'd like this game in general (as I've never seen meme's on your blogs) or where I'm sure you'd hate it - like AV :)