Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is sort of a follow-up which I don't suppose I intend to do very much however, this is definitely an appropriate time for such events.

Last night Unconventional Boy stole me away from campus, and Roommate, and homework, and studying for finals to take me to the viaduct. We took the long way, stopping to drive through neighborhoods with lots of Christmas lights and admire the nice houses and festive atmosphere. We never stopped talking. It was truly some of the best conversation and discussion that I have ever had.

He drove me underneath the viaduct then took me to the top where we dangled our legs over the side of the wall and looked down, down, down to the incredible gorge below us. What a feat of architecture!!! It was all stone. Now they make viaducts out of steel and cables but this one is nearly a hundred years old and a hundred years ago they sure knew how to build them. It could probably last another thousand years.

Need I say, I had one of the best times.

Later, after we had returned to campus and parted ways he contacted me.

"Kite, I'm pissed." he said. "I go out and have a great time hanging out with a friend and everyone wants to know what's going on."

I suppose this goes along with my last post about why I don't have to be sensitive to everyone else's feelings when I form friendships. Both Unconventional Boy and I have decided that society (our society at least) does not accept simple friendship. When a girl and a boy hang out the obvious next step to most people is marriage.

As soon as I returned to the room last night Roommate practically jumped on me. " you think he likes you?" she demanded.

How would I know!? Why would I care!?

Why is nothing simple anymore? Everything in our world has become so complicated. We want a friendship. Simply two people who enjoy the same things, agree and disagree, and want to spend time together without pressure from each other or the people around us. Why has this become unacceptable?

Life is defined by simple, innocent friendships.


  1. People complicate life. It's ridiculous. How about this, though, you're making my life complicated by posting way too fast!